Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Negative effects of coffee for health, can to makes the body lack of body fluids


IllustrationIllustration -  Coffee is often drunk in the morning because coffee beans is believed to given energy. Caffeine that contained in coffee beans can create our body more fresh. In addition, caffeine also makes people awake after drinking it.

But coffee also has negative effects for health, ie can to makes the body dehydrated or lack of body fluids.

But besides it, coffee also makes trigger urination more often because it can raise blood flow to the kidneys. This process makes the body will lost more sodium and water.

Quoted from food.ndtv on March 7 2018, Dr. Rupali Dutta, a nutrition consultant explains if coffee have a natural durable, and if consumed too much will trigger dehydration.

'A lot of coffee consumption will make the body dehydrated. The acid content in body will increase, and makes important vitamins and water soluble minerals will be wasted along with urine so that the body is dehydrated, "said Dutta.

Not only coffee, a cup of tea that containing of caffeine can also cause the same effect if consumed in excess.

Many studies have proven the health effects of coffee. Because it can to increase concentration, keep cholesterol levels more stable and reduce the risk of diabetes.

So, you do not need to stop drinking a cup of coffee. You can consumption a cup of coffe with a reasonable dose to prevent the body dehydration.




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