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A boat turned over in Waropen waters, 19 passenger went missing


Waropen watersWaropen waters -  As many as 19 passengers of a motor boat were missing after the boat they rode on turned over during their way to Demba District, Waropen, Papua.

This accident happened at Friday, March 9 2018. Around 01:00 p.m., 19 passengers, along with the motorist, began their travel to Demba when in Orega estuary, the motor boat that was driven by Riki Windesi flipped over.

Head of Public Relation of Papua Regional Police, Commissioner Ahmad Kamal told ANTARA News, Saturday, March 10 2018, that a motor boat was flipped over by a strong wave at Orega waters, around 45 minutes during their travel.

He claimed that 13 of the passengers were students of Urfas High School. They were on their way to pay a visit to their deceased friend in Demba District.

During their travel, the nearby civilians claimed that the waves crashed onto the boat until it was turned over to its side.

The civilians said that the incident happened around 04:00 p.m. The Search and Rescue Team (SAR) led by the head of Waropen police, Supraptono went to the location.

The 13 passengers are high school students named Frengki Rumandei, M. Asahalingki, Maria Koridama, Mince Koridama, Markus Ramanday, David Mudumi, Alek Imbiri, Rahman Maniagasi, Albert Bubui, Oktavianus Rudamaga, Melfin Reri, Kakopa Sarampayai and Yorgen Rewomi.

Other passengers are Mince Rudamaga, Yahya Rabrageri, Marlena Dongori, Ehud Rabrageri, Riki Windesi (the motorist), and Yunus Buburaya (the crew).



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