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Five small actions that can get you into trouble in Indonesia


IllustrationIllustration -  Not so long ago, the public was shocked by the act of Syahrini, an Indonesian celebrity who posted a photo at the side of a toll road.

After it became viral, Citra Margatama Company Surabaya as the operator of the toll road asserted that there was a severe punishment for that, which will imprisonment.

There are five small actions that can get you into trouble in Indonesia :

1. Taking pictures at the side of a toll road
Like the incident with Syahrini, anyone who takes pictures at the side of toll road is deemed disturbing the traffic and the road function.

We cannot stop on the way in a toll road, unless it is for emergency like a flat tire.

The regulation about it is listed in Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 Year 2005 Article 41. Syahrini did not only violate the article, but also the regulation Number 38 about roads and the punishment can 18 months of imprisonment.


2. Hanging around railroads
Have you seen people hanging around railroads or even selling things on the side of it? While watching trains go may be fine, hanging out at the side of the railroads is not only dangerous but also considered a crime.

The Article 181 Paragraph 1 of the regulations Number 23 Year 2007 about trains says that people are forbidden to use railroads for any purposes other than loading the trains. The violation will result in imprisonment three month maximal, or even IDR 15 billion fine.

3. Smoking in no-smoking area
Do not take this lightly! When we see someone who smokes in a no-smoking area, we can sue them based on Article 41 Paragraph 2 and Article 13 Paragraph 1 of Special Capital Region of Jakarta Regional Regulation Number 2 Year 2005.

The regulation is about air pollution control, which says “Anyone who smokes in an area where smoking is prohibited will be threatened by imprisonment, 6 months minimal or fines as much as IDR 50.000.000.

4. Joking about bringing bomb on airplanes
Anyone who jokes about bringing a bomb and pose a danger to the people around them can be imprisoned. Article 43 Paragraph 1 says “Anyone who gives false information which poses danger to the flight safety as explained in Article 344 E letter, will be punished with imprisonment, one year maximal.”

Not only that, in Article 437 Paragraph 2 it says, “If the information is false and causes accident or loss of property, then the perpetrator who spreads the information will be imprisoned, 8 years maximal.”

5. Stepping on grass
This type of action may be what we accidentally do. However, stepping on the grass in which there is already sign of “Do Not Step Here” can get us into trouble which leads to imprisonment.

It is listed in Article 406 Paragraph 1 in the Book of Criminal Code (KUHP). It says “Anyone who intentionally violates regulations about destroying or losing things owned by others, will be threatened by imprisonment, two years maximal, or IDR 4.500.000 fine.”

Although we cannot memorize all of the rules, down to the articles and paragraphs, as good civilians, we should follow all the rules and regulations. It is all simple. If there is a sign to warn us not to do something, like stepping on a grass or smoking, we should follow it.

Even if there is no sign, we should consider the danger of our action, like joking about bringing a bomb or hanging around railroads.




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