Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

A rider from Tanjung Priok dancing while riding a motorcycle becomes viral in Jakarta


Sak HiunSak Hiun -  Sak Hiun, a civilian from Tanjung Priok became famous due to his action of dancing on a motorcycle he was driving on the road.

During his dancing, he was also standing, letting go of his hands, and doing many other stunts while riding the motorcycle. His action was taped by a driver and uploaded in cyberspace. The video became viral in social media. Later, Sakhiun was arrested by the police.

Head of Traffic Unit of West Jakarta Metro Police, Darmanto said that officers had punished the driver.

“The biker, who was dancing at Hayam Wuruk Street then was stopped by a traffic officer of West Jakarta police, and punished based on Article 283 National Regulation Number 22 Year 2009,” Darmanto confirmed on Friday, March 9 2018.

The video shows the biker dancing on top of his bike. After being uploaded by @jktinfo, the video got a lot of comments. Some of them compliment his stunts, but there those who condemn his dangerous action as well.

This incident happened in Glodok area, Jakarta. The caption says, “Do not imitate this man.”




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