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Tips to handle the feeling of loneliness and become more optimistic


IllustrationIllustration - Almost every person has experienced loneliness. Prolonged loneliness can also affect one’s health. That is why you have to find away to handle the feeling of loneliness and become more optimistic. There tips to do to deal with loneliness:


1. Be honest with yourself
There are those who deny the fact that they are lonely. They do anything to hide it and try to distract themselves by sleeping all day, watching TV and many others.

Busying yourself and not being honest will not dispel the loneliness and can only bring a temporary solace.

The emptiness you feel will only creeps more into your heart if you keep denying what you feel. A study by Ami Rokach says that acceptance and self-reflection are one of the ways to change loneliness into something more positive. What should we reflect on?

First, you have to acknowledge the reason for your loneliness. Maybe all the people around you are looking so happy and busy doing their own things when you are feeling down. And then, find out the times when you usually feel lonely. For example, when you come home from school or work. From there, you can learn to change your views and gradually chase away your loneliness.


2. Fight loneliness
When you feel lonely, it means that something triggers fear, pair or emptiness in your memory which causes you to feel alone. Our brains take notice of pain and danger, including when we are hurting or frightened.

That is why, when you are feeling alone, the brain gives a signal which makes it dominate all of our feelings. But you have to know that loneliness is actually emotional condition that appears from within us based on our own perception. You can fight it if you want.


3. Make plans to get rid of loneliness
When you start being honest with yourself and know everything about your loneliness, then you can make plans to chase it away. Sometimes, the medicine for loneliness is simple. For example, talking about your anxieties and doubts to other people in a nice situation and environment.

Even thought you met your loved ones every day, maybe the only thing you need is a nice quality time together with them. If your closest people are too busy to make time for you, try to spread your wings by joining a new community. You can join a course to meet new people or even talk to a therapist.


4. Taking care of pets
Studies show that pets can be a great friend for loners. A study found that having a dog can help decreasing the risk of early death, especially for people who live alone.

People who live alone are the people who are the most at risk of feeling loneliness, which can lead to several health problems. A study also says that pet owner has better social and communication skills.

A study in 2016 discovered that old people who took care of animals experienced depression reduction and cognitive function improvement in eight weeks since the start of the project.

But you also have to consider your capacity. Do not just adopt an animal to entertain yourself. You have to take care of it, raise it, feed it, and provide all of its needs.


5. Reduce the used of social media
A study released by American Journal of Preventive Medicine says that using social media actually make you feel lonely. The social media makes you feel like you are making a relation but it is actually the other way around.

In the book “Alone Together”, social psychologist, Sherry Turkle believes that there is hyperconnectivity through social media which makes people feel more alienated from each other in real life.

Helena Backlund Wasling from State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Sycaruse said that direct contact, face to face was much better than the contact in social media because humans inherently need physical contact to feel comfort and connection.




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