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Barbie sued for making inaccurate of Frida Kahlo doll


Barbie doll, Frida KahloBarbie doll, Frida Kahlo -  Barbie producer, Mattel, was sued by a relative of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, regarding the making of doll collection “Inspiring Women”.

The plaintiff is the niece of Frida Kahlo’s grandchild, Mara de Anda Romeo. She accused Mattel for making a replica of the famous artist inaccurately and without permission, as cited by, on Friday, March 9 2018.

Pablo Sangri, Anda Romeo’s lawyer said that she did not want compensation money. She just wanted to talk to Mattel regarding the design of said Barbie doll.

“We will tell them to pay attention to the character, appearance and history of the real (Frida Kahlo),” said Sangri.

Some of the critics that Anda Romeo expressed are the inaccuracy of the body’s proportion, the shape of the eyebrows, and the Tehuanan style of dress that the infamous artist had.

“The doll looks more like Barbie in general rather than Kahlo,” said Anda Romeo. Barbie, according to Anda Romeo, is a symbol of American toy industry that is often criticized for its unproportional body image of women.

She also believed that Barbie teaches the concept of consumptive behavior, which is the opposite of what Kahlo believed as a communist, until her death in 1954.

On the other hand, Mattel argued that they had earned official permission to make Frida Kahlo doll from Kahlo Corp, a firm in Panama which exclusively holds all of the artist’s intellectual property.

“Mattel has asked for permission and made contract legally about the making of Frida Kahlo replica,” Frida Kahlo Corp explained in an official statement on Thursday, March 8.

The company also claimed to get permission from one of Frida Kahlo’s nieces, who was also her pupil, Isola Pinedo, more than a decade ago.

Mattel added that the doll was meant to be a form of appreciation for Kahlo, for her contribution in women empowerment in arts field.



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