Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Three of extreme sports that you must try


DivingDiving -  There is a saying that there is a strong soul within a strong body. That is why we are encouraged to take physical activites like sports to keep us healthy. Some people choose jogging for every day sport. Or you can even go to a gym.

But if you want to do unusual sports that are different from usual, you might want to try these sports, provided you have enough bravery.

1. Slacklining
If you want to try balancing your body then you might want to try this sport. You do this by tying the ends of a rope to two different sides, and start moving on top of the rope.

The things you can use are trees, poles, or in extreme case, two sides of a cliff. Serenity and focus are the keys to this sport. For beginners, do not tie your rope so high above the ground.

2. Diving
If you feel like you are good at diving, then you might want to try this sport. The place you have to find in underwater cave. The sensation that you will feel will surely be different than normal diving. If the cave is too deep or far, you can bring diving tank in case you run out of oxygen.

3. Gliding
By using glider and parachute, you can do this sport on air. When doing this particular sport, we can see a lot of things from the sky and it is such a nice view. The problem is you have to get the glider.




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