Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

After had plastic surgery, a girl from China claimed that she is the prettiest woman in the world


Abby Abby -  For every woman, to have a beautiful face is a beautiful gift from God. And every woman has a wonderful beauty that is hidden and may not be seen by others.

Even to getting recognition as the prettiest woman in the world, there are many beauty competition done such as Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth.

Because the quality of a beautiful woman, not only from her physical beauty, but also the psychic beauty and intelligence is also very decisive.

A girl named Abby from China had been shocked the public, after she claimed becomes as the most beautiful woman in the world.

That girl claimed to be the prettiest woman in the world without having to follow the competition of beauty event.

Abby even often post her photos on her personal social media. The girl said that she had been living in America and had just returned to China. Abby has a very white skin with a super pointed nose and chin. In addition she also has a blue eyeball and lips are quite unique.

But many netizens are also criticizing of Abby.

A netter said, "Her appearance is so strange, she is so horrible, she just wants to show off what she has, while she forgets that not everyone will like it."


Although not a few netter who commented negatively on Abby's post, the girl is always confident and says that the majority of people praise her beauty.



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