Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Apparently, men and women who work with this profession are prone to have an affair


IllustrationIllustration -  One of the major sins that committed by someone who is in a relationship is an affair or cheating with other man or woman.

Cheating can happen because of dissatisfaction with a partner, but also can happen because often meet with other women or men, thus making an opportunity for cheating more and more.

However, based on a survey that conducted AshleyMadison site, in addition to feeling dissatisfied, there are some professions that are prone to have an affair.

Especially for women, it turns out the first positions of the profession that are prone to affair are woman who work in the field of health, such as doctors and nurses.

As stated by Isabella Mise, Communications Director of Ashley Madison as quoted from Express, the cause of the affair on the profession is a combination of stress that occurs for hours.

The second profession that are prone to affair are woman who work in the public sector, such as in the field of education.

In addition, the third position is prone to infidelity is a job as an entrepreneur.


Unlike women, there are two types of jobs that are prone to infidelity for men, ie those who work in finance, especially in the field of stocks.

While the profession in technology occupied the second position with 12% of respondents.




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