Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Contains of many negative content, Gif service in Snapchat forced to removed


GIF serviceGIF service - Now, GIF, the moving image that feature on Instagram and Snapchat services will be stopped. This decision is related to the content of racism on the feature.

The content of racism is GIF with insipid word or often termed "N-word". GIF comes from the Giphy library which is a third party partner of Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram party through their spokesman said, " We have temporarily stopped the integration with Gitphy whe they decided to investigated this case."

And Snapchat spokesman also said the same thing, the blocking of GIF will be revoked if Giphy committed to eliminate such content from Snapchat.

"We have deleted the GIF and blocked the access of Giphy until we are sure it will not happen again, we are waiting for the Giphy team to investigate it," said Snapchat spokesman.

Furthermore, Snapchat says that all GIF's on its services should be safely accessible for teens. This incident is become a slap to make them more observant about sensitive content.

Giphy also spoke up about that incident. According to them, the image that have nuanced of racism has spreads because a bug in the GIF filtering system have trouble from TechCrunch on Sunday 11 March 2018.

"We have fixed the bug and reset all the Gif's that available in our library," said a Giphy spokeswoman.

Known, Giphy have an integration with Instagram that began in January 2018. Snapchat then followed it in February 2018 ago.

Like other stickers, GIFs on Instagram Stories and Snapchats can also be resized and set up for placement. If not appropriate, GIF may be deleted.

This feature had been already tried since late 2017, and available in some countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.

For Facebook users, instagram and Snapchat can posted the GIF in the comments field.

There is no confirmation when this feature will be present again and can be used for all users around the world.



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