Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

A woman with memory illness does not remember she has been divorced


Veronika MescheryakovaVeronika Mescheryakova - A Russian woman suffers from a rare illness called porphyria, which causes her to have short-term memory. The poor woman, Veronika Mescheryakova, waits for her husband to come home from work every day.


Veronika forgot about a sad reality that happened to her recently: she and her husband have divorced not so long ago, in November last year. Veronika’s life is similar to the film “50 First Date” starred by Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Only this happens in real life.


Every day, her family has to remind her of the divorce whenever she asks the whereabouts of her husband. Veronika will always cry after finding out about it. To this day, it is still unknown what the reason for their separation. It is only informed that they married before Veroniak got the illness.


The saddest part is that, not only is she cannot remember, but she also cannot walk. She goes everywhere with a wheel chair. After being divorced, Veronika is undergoing psychotherapy with the help of her mother. Her mother hoped that Veronika would be able to walk again and go meet her former husband.

Sadly, although she had undergone operations to make it better, it failed.


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