Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

The cost for Hajj this year about IDR 35 billions


Biaya Haji IndonesiaBiaya Haji Indonesia -  The Work Committee VII of House of Representatives and the Religion Ministry agreed that the cost for Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, in 2018 will be IDR 35.235.602 after their meeting on Monday, March 12 2018.

“The cost that the pilgrims will have to pay is around IDR 35 billion,” said the committee’s vice president, Noor Achmad, at the meeting room of Committee VIII, Senayan Jakarta.

The rise in price is based on Saudi Arabia’s 5% rise of value-added tax as well as 180% rise in fuel price. Another factor is the rise in exchange rates of Rupiah to Dollar.

The cost includes the traveling cost from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia and vice versa, which is IDR 27.496.842 , and lodgments in Mecca, which is 4.450 Riyal, with 3.782 Riyal going to optimalization.

“Work Committee VIII of House of Representatives and the Work Committee of Religion Ministry agreed that average cost for lodgings in Medina is 1.200 Riyal with pre-season renting system, which will be paid through optimalization fund,” Noor said.

There is also living allowance given to the pilgrims which is 1.500 Riyal or equivalent to IDR 5.355.000.

“The cost for Hajj do increase this year compared to last year, which is around IDR 345.290 or around 0,99 percent,” said Noor.




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