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The change of life for Russians after led by Putin


Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin -  Vladimir Putin dominated Russian politics as an undisputed leader for almost two decades. The standard of living for most Russians has improved, and a new sense of stability and national pride has emerged. But many, say, prices, were the cause of the erosion of Russian democracy.

How has life changed for ordinary Russians during this time?

1. Smaller people are poor
Poverty levels may be significantly lower than before, but Russia is still above the average for many of the world's largest economies.


2. More people have a car
According to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the ownership of a car in Russia is on par with the former countries of the Eastern Bloc of Poland and Hungary, but somehow lags behind its neighboring Finland, which has 76 cars per 100 households.


3. Have a drink of champagne
There is some dispute about how much to drink Russian. Official figures show a drop, but not 80%, announced by the Minister of Health. The decrease in vodka consumption is partly dependent on the growth of a more "western" culture of beer and wine. Beer was once considered an almost non-alcoholic drink in Russia, but some oligarchs now opened their own wineries.


4. The population of Russia is growing
One of President Putin's main goals is to reverse the sharp decline in the population that began at the time of the end of communism in 1991. Before he became president again in 2012, Putin proposed spending 1.5 trillion (53 billion pounds sterling, 33 billion pounds sterling) to raise the birth rate.

The highest fertility rates are made by the Caucasian republics, such as Chechnya and Dagestan, while the most popular names for babies born in Moscow are Alexander and Sofia.


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