Friday, 22 Mar 2019

The story of Amazon Eve, the tallest woman in the world


Amazon EveAmazon Eve -  The story of the tallest woman in the world is always interesting to follow, especially about how they live everyday, and it's also became a public question.

Amazon Eve, 31 years old, has a height about six feet eight inches, and making her different from ordinary humans.

With that peculiarity, Eve becomes a model and always travelling around the world to show everyone in worldwide about her tall body.

Amazon Eve comes from Turlock, California, choosing a career as a professional model and actress.

In addition, she also has a side job as a wrestler, where for one hours she will be paid about USD 400 or about IDR 5.4 million.

Eve has inherited of German and Dutch blood. These two genes are known to have tall body, so that's the reason why she's so tall.

Related to that, she said, "all the women in my family have average height."

But Eve admitted little bit of uncomfortable when juxtaposed with other world models, because it will looks contrasting, because other models seem shorter.




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