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The term of coffin birth, a phenomenon of childbirth in the grave


IllustrationIllustration -  The term of coffin birth or the phenomenon of childbirth in the grave often occured in the past.

The term of childbirth in the grave is a state which the mother is dead but still have capable of giving birth. The phenomenon of coffin birth ever happened in April 2003 in San Fransisco.

Coffin birth usually occured several weeks after the pregnant mum dies. And this term is used by a coroner for a spontaneous birth process that occurs in a pregnant woman who has died.

Usually, in medical world, a pregnant women who died, the baby is not issued if the condition of her baby is no longer lifeless.

But, some times, a born baby is found in a grave and separated from her mother. This baby was already in a state of death.

So, how does the phenomenon of giving birth in the grave will be happen?

This phenomenon occurs when a gas that naturally forms in the stomach. This gas will provide enough pressure to encourage the baby through the birth canal from the body of their deceased mother.

Boyd Stephens, chief medical examiner in San Francisco, as quoted from USAToday, on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 says the condition of childbirth in the grave is occurred in uncured corpses by embalming.

Forensic experts claim that the phenomenon of childbirth in the grave may take several weeks or months to occur.

The term of childbirth in the grave was first defined in German language ie Sarggeburt. 



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