Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Choking on food, a woman from New Zealand decided to cut throat of her lover


Isak BesterIsak Bester -  Choking on food can be a very dangerous thing, because in some cases it will lead to death.

And what would you do if your loved one was suddenly at the end of the dead after choking on food?

A woman who works as a midwife in a hospital in New Zealand named Sarah Glass, 45, did something crazy to her lover.

At that time he and his boyfriend, Isak Bester, 50, were enjoying a barbecue with friends near their home on Waimarama Beach. Suddenly, Bester choked on a piece of steak meat.

Seeing that her boyfriend was having difficulty breathing, Glass tried to choke the flesh out, by slapped on Bester's back and did chest compressions on him. But apparently the first aid did not work very well.

Bester fainted and his heartbeat stopped. Glass asked for a knife to cut Bester's throat to help him breathe. Using a knife, Glass made four shallow cuts around his neck.

The midwife had on hand a home birth kit with an oxygen tank that she could use to give Bester oxygen

Shortly after, emergency services arrived and took him to the hospital where he was in a coma for three days. And life of Bester could be saved.

What Glass did to save Bester's life is known as an emergency tracheotomy - a procedure performed by paramedics and doctors to help patients breathe by creating holes in the throat.

And if Bester had not received oxygen, he would have suffered brain damage or organ failure, his doctor said.

Although they praised the woman's quick thinking, doctors would not recommend anyone without medical training to follow her actions. And a month after the incident, Bester is now in recovery at the hospital.



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