Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Rinrada Thurapan, a beautiful transgender from Thai without done any sex change procedures


Rinrada ThurapanRinrada Thurapan - Rinrada Thurapan, or known as Yoshi Rinrada is a Thai transgender woman. Currently, Rinrada is a Thai artist. This Thai beauty rose to fame as an actress and model after her acting stunt in 2014. It was a drama called Lovesick: The Series.

Born as a male, but she have always identified herself as a female while growing up. Yoshi always craved became a woman especially when she grew up surrounded by many girls.

She claimed since the age of 15 years has felt the tendency to be a woman. Although opposed by her father, but many people support her to be consistent with the call of her heart.

Rinrada has a feminine feature since birth. Blessed with beautiful eyes and a cute nose, the only thing she did on her body was a small procedure on her lips and also a breast implant. Now, the outer appearance of Rinrada is perfect as a woman. Even her beauty is considered to beat many women in the world.

And with this beauty, many men are captivated by her stunning looks, which is why she has a whopping 820,000 followers on her Instagram account.

In addition, the most surprising thing is, many people claim her appearance is a plastic surgery product. But Rinrada has revealed that it is not true.She hasn’t even done any sex change procedures and neither does she have no plans to do so.



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