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Can not to meet her boyfriend, a girl from Italy decided to strangles her young brother


The victimThe victim - A young woman that have assigned to take care of her four-year-old brother has been tried after she strangles her brother because she is angry after she can not see her boyfriend.

A court in Belgium said on Monday, March 12, 2018 an Italian-Moroccan woman identified as Bouchra F., who is now aged 20, was accused of killing her brother when she was 17 years old in 2015.

But she denies the alleged killing.

She took care of her younger brother on the first day of school summer vacations while his parents were working in the Brussels suburbs of Berchem-Saint-Agathe.

Bouchra and her family moved to Belgium from Italy in 2012, exchanged mobile telephone messages with her boyfriend to say she could not meet him as planned because she was "stuck at home.", having to take care of his younger brother.

In the late afternoon, Bouchra's neighbor called emergency services after the young woman called her for help because the boy was unconscious on their couch. He was declared dead an hour later.

The forensic doctor said the cause of the boy's death was "mechanical asphyxia". The boy had previously been hospitalized a month earlier in a state of respiratory distress, when he took care of his sister.

Forensic physicians say that the first case it was likely an initial murder attempt.

Bouchra was arrested in November 2015 after investigators believed that the boy was killed by his sister because he prevented her from meeting with her boyfriend.

Psychiatrists say Bouchra shows "emotional indifference" and had a "high self-image backed by unfailing egocentricity"




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