Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Nasa : A massive solar storm will slam to the Earth tomorrow, power supplies and satellites will damage


The sunThe sun - A huge solar storm is headed for Earth, and is likely will occur tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. The storm could damage the satellite, disrupt the power supply and generate a stunning aurora.

This storm occurred after last week a huge explosion occurred in the sun's atmosphere that known as the sun beacon, and charged particles from that flare are now on their way to our planet

The arrival of this solar storm coincides with the formation of an 'equinox gap' in the Earth's magnetic field, which is formed every March 20 and September 23 of each year.

The solar storm will occur in Scotland and northern England, as well as the Michigan and Maine regions.

The charged, magnetic particles from solar storms can interfere with machinery in Earth's orbit as well as at the planet's surface, such as GPS systems and radio signals.

In addition, solar storms can also threaten airlines by disrupting the Earth's magnetic field.

Nasa said the first of the two flares is the largest this year. It was one of the largest of this cycle known as the solar minimum, which began in early 2007. NASA and NOAA tracked the occurrence of the sun using a variety of telescopes and probes that help generate geomagnetic weather forecasts.

Researchers also studied the sun to learn more about its structure and also obtained data to make predictions about different types of solar flares.

The sun has an 11-year sunspot activity cycle, with the last maximum having taken place in April 2014.

This summer, NASA is set to launch a spacecraft called Parker Solar Probe, which will travel closer to the sun than any other previous mission.

The satellite will fly to Venus and and travel into the corona, the upper atmosphere of the sun, in order to learning more about the particles that are ejected by the sun.


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