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One father from Hong Kong was sentenced after trying to feed his young children with rat poison


The High CourtThe High Court - A father from Tuen Mun, Hong Kong was sentenced to two years in prison last Wednesday, March 7, 2018 after trying to feed his children with rat poison.

The man confessed he was drunk when he forced his six-year-old son and his eight-year-old daughter to drink the rat poison.

As reported by the South China Morning Post on March 7, the father also told his children that he would commit suicide after they drank the poison.

Luckily, the young children's aunt was round and rescued them from their father. The aunt who was assigned to take care of the two poor children took the poison and poured it into the toilet.

The father, in his failed attempt, turned to his daughter and strangled her, causing his daughter to lose breathe and become dizzy.

The aunt returned to rescue her and lock the children in a room, but still, the father kicked the bedroom door and threatened to kill her daughter. The police that contacted arrived at the scene to arrest him.

In court, the father's lawyer stated that the man was having financial problems after he left his job as a funeral man to become a salesman.

Madam Justice Maggie Poon Man-kay told to the father, as quoted in the report. "Alcohol is a solvent that can make you addicted. When you have been dependent on alcohol, then it will be able to dissolve the family and career"

She also criticized him, saying that torturing children is one of the most horrible crimes and that parents should be able to control their emotions.

"Whatever problems you face in life, you should not vent your emotions on helpless children."




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