Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

Roro Fitria was left by all her attorneys


Roro FitriaRoro Fitria -  Roro Fitria, an Indonesian celebrity who is involved in a drug case, was left by her team of lawyers, who usually always tried to protect her from the laws.

The news was officially announced by Nuning Tyas, one of Roro’s former lawyers.

“I saw Roro as a controversial artist outside. She elicits furor from people with many kinds of rumors and stories. And it turned out that she is not being cooperative herself,” Nuning explained in a press conference, in West Jakarta on Tuesday, March 13 2018.

Some people believed that the team of lawyers decided to back out of the case because the drug case that Roro was involved in was too hard to handle, but Nuning denied it.

“The case is actually not hard. She really is a user, an addict, and she may be rehabilitated. There are things that I cannot say here,” said Nuning.

Roro Fitria was arrested by the police in her home in Patio Residence, Ragunan, Jakarta, on February 14 2018. She is now a suspect for ownership of 2,4 grams drugs. She is now a prisoner in Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters.



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