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Ten benefits of gabus for health that you must know


GabusGabus - Channa Striata (gabus) is a predator fish which was usually founded in a lake or a quiet flow river. Other name of this fish is damned fish (ikan kutuk) or bogo fish. It shapes like generally fish form. This fish has a snake like head, so it can be named a snake fish.

This fish has a very usefull content that needed by our health, mainly for a patient suffers the generative illness.

From a scientific observation executed by proffessor of Brawijaya University, Prof. Dr.Ir. Eddy Suprayitno, it was found that this fish containing high albumin proteins in comparing with other albumin source from other kind of fishes.

Besides of that, gabus has a highest protein contents in comparing with eggs, chicken meat and beef. Pertaining the containings of gabus from the result of a laboratory observation, it was proven that from 100 grams of gabus consisting of several nutritive elements like ; Calori : 69 calori. Protein : 25,2 gram, Fat : 1,7 gram. Iron : 0,9 milligram. Calsium : 62 milligram. Phosfor :76 milligram. Vit. A : 150 milligram, Vit.B : 0,04 milligram. Water : 69 grams.

During those observations was also found that gabus is rich of albumin . Albumin is one of protein kind that reaches 60% from plasma protein total in human blood. Albumin rate in gabus reaches 62,24 g/kg, while eggs that as far we known as a main protein source has only 9,34 g/kg.

By albumin contents that reaches 62,24 g/kg in gabus, the fish is effective in accelerating the curement like operation injure or surgery. Other than that, albumin is also usefull in building and improving the death cell tissues, including on diabetes mellitus injury, burn, death skin cell, injury body organ like maag in stomach and others.

While for children, albumin that contains in ikan gabus can be usefull in building their body’s system so that their body development can be optimal, for the old man in repairing the worn out organ cells.

The other benfits of albumin for our body is as anti-oedema (swelling) on leggs caused by lack of albumin in the body. This case usually suffered by a kidney failure patient, stroke, TBC, diabetes melitus, and sirrhosic cancer (sirosis). Albumin to keep water existence in blood plasm so that to keep body’s blood volume to prevent swelling.

For children, in the case of low albumin the protein that consummed by them will break away. The protein that must be sent to develope cells become not maximal. On children of lack of albumin like TBC’s sufferers, the reaction of medicines consummed become less maximal.

Then, what else benefits of ikan gabus for our body. The followings are ten benefits of gabus for health :

1. Forming and building muscles
Gabus contains a higher protein essences in comparing with Lele (walking cat) fish even though in gold fish / parrot fish. Aniway it still compete with protein essences that available in milk fish. From 100 grams ikan gabus you can obtain 25,2 gram protein. Try to compare with protein rate of 100 grams consisting in chicken that is only 18,2 gram, in beef is 18,8 gram, even in egg that only 12,8 gram. A high protein contents will advantage you that will help you much in your body muscle building

2. Accelerating injury recurement
The meat of gabus is also containing more albumin in a very high rate. Please acknowledge that albumin is one kind of very important protein for injury recurement in our body.

3. To keep fluids balance in body.
Albumin essenses also function in keeping stabilate fluid stream in body. If condition of your body is in low fluids flow, then the protein that goes into your body will be broken out so it will not be functioning normally. Normal albumin contents in a body reaches 60%.

4. Healthy for digestion
Gabus has a more smooth meat, that you do not have to worry about your digestion since it can be digested easily.This case, because of gabus has a lower callogen protein in comparing with protein rate in other land cattle meats. Only 3% up to 5% out from total callogen contents.

5. To recure several diseases
Can help recurement process of several diseases like hepatitis, lungs infections, typhus, diabetes, stroke and others.


6. In repairing bad nutriment
Can repairing bad nutritions which is geneally suffered by infants, kids, child, even pregnant mother, since in only 100 grams of ikan gabus sufficient for fulfilling several nutritions need that is very important for health mainly for babies.

7. Help requirement of autis kids
Ikan gabus has the contents that can be functioned in helping recurement of autis sufferers.

8. To accelerate recurement in injury after operation
Gabus can accelerate recurement process on injury after operation. This is caused of the hight rate albumin essences in ikan gabus, so that can fastly help cell building process and new tissues in your body parts that had damaged after operation process.

9. Help in overcome swelling in body
Besides of injury recurement, the high albumin essences in ikan gabus can also help in overcoming any swelling in your body.

10. To increase body immunity
You, who want better body immunity, do not forget to consume ikan gabus routinely, the consumption of this fish will keep your body from not easily attacked by any disease caused by climate change or other factors




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