Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Directorate General of Tax (DJT) will empose new regulation concerning obligatory report of online tax


IllustrationIllustration - Directorate General of Tax (DJT) will empose new regulation concerning obligatory report of online tax, or e-Filing SPT Masa PPh Article 21/26 and PPN starting April 1, 2018.

The regulation is embodied in the Ministery of Finance Regulation (MFR) No. 9/PMK.03/2018 regarding Letter of Inquiry (LOI) issued on 26 January 2018.

The regulation is issued for modernization and to moderating administration LOI managerial in supporting simple business.

The regulation which resembles modification of PMK No. 243/PMK.03/2014, stressed that electronic document format can not anymore to be forwarded directly to KPP, as conducted by tax-payer before-time. Besides of that the tax-payer who does not report SPT Masa PPh paragraph 21/26 and PPN through e-Filing , be considered as not reporting SPT (LOI).

Based on paragraph 8 clause (2a) the newest PMK SPT, online tax in the shape of one of official channel that acknowledged by government in conducting e-Filing.
It means, Electronic Receipt Evidence (BPE) and Number of Electronic Receipt (NTTE) which is obtained from Online Tax is also considered its legalization.

In improving State income and tax for better Indonesia development, financial tecnology firm which has successfully managed Rp 43 trillion tax in 2017, present to help tax-payer in facilitating administration and firm tax implementation instantly and integrity. Has been trusted by more than 500 user and 80 thousand firms, Online Tax prepared a tax application based on a more effective and efficient web.

The Founder and Director of Online Tax Charles Guinot, said, “We believe that technology innovation become one of the key of the successfulness in facilitating tax magerial in optimal service function for the community. Innovation of e-Filing as a concrete contribution of On Line-Tax in helping tax-payers in conducting their obligatory taxation.

On-Line Tax will enable users in tracing report evidence easily because of documentation saveness . Besides of that, e-Filing Tax-Online is also can accommodate reports of all kinds of tax with its variation payment status, so that several kind of firms with industrial background and different scale business can use fitur e-Filing Tax Online wihout gropping pocket.

Other exaggeration of Online Tax application is CSV e-Filing fitur. Thru this fitur, user can remove CSV
Report file data from e-SPT into Tax Online application automatically, further step is e-Filing be conducted in only one click.

For a big scale firm, Online Tax provides e-Filing Bulk Upload fitur, which enable user to encourage many CSV data reportage at once, for vary kinds of firm SPT and NPWP automatically, so that reporting on line tax practically.

“As a firm that serving tax-payers in Indonesia, we fully supporting government step in reforming tax administration, so that can increase tax obedient. We assure the tax payers will receive official Electronic Receipt Evidence from DJP” said Charles.



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