Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) of Riau formed three teams to looking for Bonita


 Three teams to looking for Bonita Three teams to looking for Bonita -  Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) of Riau formed three teams to looking for Bonita, the named of tiger that disappeared after been an anesthesia shooting.

Searching for Bonita, the Sumatran Tiger that disappeared after been anesthesia shooting five days ago by Rescue Team and BBKSD Riau, keep going on.

The searching is foccused around palm plantation area owned by PT. THIP and surrounding villages.

Bonita had ever collapsed in a whileafter been shot by officer by using anesthesia. Even thought only in a short time, the anesthesia did not keep long, before officials can catch her to be moved to its stable, Bonita recovered and later escaped.

However, Combination Team Rescue of the Panthera Tigris Sumatrae at Kampung Danau village, Sub Regency Pelangiran, Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau Province had not yet success in  finding the animal that had killed two local citizens.  Looking for by Rescue Team until Thursday, March 22 2018 keep continuing.

According to Public relations of  BBKSDA Riau Province, Dian Indriati, this time, there  has been formed three teams that spreaded in order to minimalize movement of Bonita, the Sumatra Tiger.  

“From team information in the field, the three teams spreading at three locations, so that can minimalize movement of Bonita, and it does not disappeare to far.” said Dian.

Where every team is equipped  by medical personnels (anesthesia shooter), TNI/Police personnels, Balai Besar KSDA Riau personnels, and other combination personnels.

Today, the teams was harrowing  from Kampung Danau village up to blok 68, so far Bonita has not yet shown her nose trunk.

The teams also  harrowing as long as  river side from inhabitants houses up to bridge of Axis road, not yet find Bonita’s movement.

Information  which was received, Monday morning, March 19 2018 Bonita has ever been spotted by community while drinking at river side..

“Team assumption is that Bonita is still within the Greenbelt forest, block 68 – 62” he discovered. 

Before that, Bonita has  ever been anasthesia shot, namun because of the  peat soil field that difficult to be passing on by vehicles that night, team could not run after and lost the trace.

Before been anesthesia shot, Bonita was stil appeared calm when seeing at man even passing vehicles Namun after anasthesia shooting, it's condition was trauma and keep stay away.

After the harrowing at night, team conducted pray together at the house of Dusun Danau head, Tanjung Simpang village for the shake of smoothness and safety for community and all team members in conducting evacuation and safe of Bonita.






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