Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Advertorial: Indragiri Hilir Regent, HM Wardan attends the Movement of 1000 Eggs in Tanah Merah


HM WardanHM Wardan -  On Monday, February 5 2018, Regent of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) District, HM Wardan attended the Movement of 1000 egg (Gerakan 1000 Telur) at Pendopo Tanah Abah Head Office, Indragiri Hilir.

In his speech, HM Wardan said, "Although the implementation of the Movement of 1000 egg is delayed from the usual schedule, but the activity that thick with Islamic nuance can still be implemented. Especially,  from year to year the activities which is conducted in Tanah Merah is seen increasing"

The regent also convey,  the activity have aims to take the example of the teachings from Rasulullah SAW that can be applied in life.

The activity that carry a theme, "Through the Movement of 1000 Eggs 1439 H, Indragiri Hilir community strengthen the gathering to welcoming and successful selection of regional heads concurrently in 2018".

This activity also attended by the Chairman of Muslimat NU Indragiri Hilir District, Hj Zulaikhah Wardan, the Chairman of Commission I of Indragiri Hilir District Yusuf Said and number of echelon II officials in Inhil District Government.

For information,  the Movement of 1000 Eggs is covered with tausyiah that delivered by Ustadz DR H Helmi Basri Lc MA, which takes the topic : "The convenience that given by Allah SWT to His people."



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