Saturday, 25 May 2019

4 people arrested in Indragiri Hilir for killing 3 honey bears


IllustrationIllustration - Police Department of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) Riau arrested 4 residents for killing honey bears. The resident has now been detained by the police.

Inhil Police Chief, Christian Rony explained, four residents in Tempuling District, Inhil are designated as a suspect. They are, FS, 33 year-old, JS, 51 year-old, GS, 34 year old, and JPDS, 39 year-old.

"These perpetrators are imposed with Law, year 1990 about the conservation of biological natural resources and ecosystems. The penalty of imprisonment is maximum five years and fine of at most IDR 100 million" said Christian told AFP on Tuesday, April 3rd 2018.

Christian also mentioned, this information originated from the Police Crime information about the viral video in social media that shows people killed 3 honey bears. The location of the bear killing was in Inhil district.

Over this information, Inhil Police moves quickly to track the whereabouts of the perpetrators of the animals killer.

The field investigation led by M. Adhi Makayasa and assisted by a team from Forest police, Riau Natural Resource Conservation Center (BBKSDA) Riau, Gakkum LHK. The team went to the location where the bears were killed by the villagers and skinned.

"The information then, we followed up to conduct an investigation in the field, and it is true the perpetrators are in Inhil" stated Christian.


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