Saturday, 25 May 2019

10 injured on oxygen tube explosion in Indragiri Hilir, Riau


Victims being treated in the hospitalVictims being treated in the hospital - Workers activity to load and unload goods at the port of Tembilhan, Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau initially run normally. Suddenly when unloading, the oxygen tube exploded injuring 10 workers.

"At that time, the loading workers on unloaded the oxygen tubes from the pickup truck to the port plaza, and suddenly the tube exploded," said Police Chief Inhil, Christian Rony .SIK told reporters on Wednesday April 4th 2018.

Christian explained, explosion of oxygen tube occurred at the port on onloading LPG from PT Rizky Maharani, on Parit 4 Street, Tembilahan. As a result of the explosion, said Chris, as many as 10 people transport workers suffered burn wounds due to oxygen tube exploded. That conditions panicked surrounding residents on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 17:30 pm.

"All the victims were rushed to Puri Husada Hospital, they suffered burn caused by the explosion of oxygen tube" Chris said. Until now, it cannot be sure the cause of exploded oxygen tube.

"We are still investigating the bursting of the oxygen tube" Chris said.

Identity of victims

1 Marhadi, 31 year-old, suffers injuries.

2 Momoh, 33 year-old, cuts on the shoulder.

3 Yanto, 40, year-old, suffers 80 percent burns.

4 Samsul, 35, year-old, suffers wound.

5 Tarmizi, 40 year-old, suffers eye injuries.

6 Misdi Masrdiansyah, 27 year-old, skin tears on the left leg.

7 Aspul, 40 year-old, skin tears on the leg

8 Rudi, 27 year-old, skin tears on the forehead.

9 Widodo, 28 year-old, wounds on the right foot.

10 Joko, 26 year-old, has a buzzing ear.


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