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The White House built a secret bunker in the event of nuclear war


The White HouseThe White House -  During the presidential term of Barack Obama, under the northern lawn of the White House, a safe haven was constructed in case of using weapons of mass destruction, writes the Washington Examiner (WE).

The article cites information from the published book of the former Washington Post journalist Ronald Kessler's «Trump White House: changing the rules of the game». According to the author, the construction of the bunker, which began in 2010, cost $ 376 million. According to the official version, these were works on the modernization of power supply and conditioning systems.

After the change of president, Donald Trump's administration officials inspected the bunker. According to the journalist, he is large enough that the White House employees can work there.

"The bunker, at least five stories deep, completed at the end of Obama's tenure, can accommodate the entire western wing personnel indefinitely in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction,"- Kessler wrote. "After Trump became president, the top officers inspected the bunker, whose existence is classified,"- the publication quotes.

The White House already has a bunker under the eastern wing, which is called the presidential operational center for emergencies, notes the newspaper. It was there that Vice President Dick Cheney and other high-ranking officials hid during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It was originally built as a bomb shelter for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Second World War. The new object is much larger in size.

The US Secret Service refused to comment on this information, notes WE. "For the case of operational security, the secret service does not comment on specific security measures of the White House or protective measures taken by intelligence," said the spokesman for the service, Mason Breyman.

Brayman also declined to comment on the information from the book that Trump, like the White House before him, Obama and George W. Bush, receives six to eight threats every day. Most come from people in prison or in psycho-neurological clinics and therefore do not have the capacity to implement them. Such threats are conditionally assigned to the second class. The threats of the first class are considered to be the most frivolous, since they come from drunks and other persons.

However, the secret service keeps in view about 100 people who acted as sources of more serious threats - the third class. This information Breyman also refused to confirm or deny.


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