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The scientists predict that this continent will be split into two parts in future


The road in KenyaThe road in Kenya -  The condition of Kenya was very worrying, especially after floodwaters on Wednesday, April 3 2018, it cut off Nairobi-Narok road at Mai Mahiu, Kenya.

Now, the road can not to impassable. The waters are pounding most parts of the country, dug a hole on the road section. Until last month, Mai Mahiu-Narok in western Nairobi, Kenya, is still intact. However, all that changed after heavy rains flushed the area.

The road was missing at a section near Karima secondary school causing a traffic snarl-up on either sides. Hundreds of travellers were forced to spend the night in the cold after the road was cut off.

Not only Mai Mahiu was hit by the waters, data from the Climatological Agency of Kenya, had predicted that Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Northern, Southeastern, Coast, Central and Nairobi will receive a substantial amount of rainfall. And it said the rainfall will hit a high of more than 40mm within 24 hours in Nairobi, Western, Central, South and Central Rift Valley.

And now, after the incident, a giant crack suddenly appeared and split the city of Mai Mahiu. 

Even, a home of resident in Kenya was split and collapsed.  And the cracks are reported to reach a depth of 15 meters and a width of 20 meters. 

According to geologist,  David Adede said the newly emerged crack is part of the Great Gap Valley, it comes from the valley of the big gap that extends some 6,000 kilometers from the Gulf of Aden in the north to Mozambique in the south.

Adede said, if the rain comes again, the cracks will seem to appear. And within 50 million years, the Somali Plate will be completely separated from the Nubian Plate. Africa will be divided into two continents. The majority of Africans will be on the Nubian Plate; while Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania will become the new continent on the Somali Plate that the size is same like Madagascar or New Zealand.

"This is not the first time that this continent is predict will been cut off. Engineers must this time have to look for a lasting solution to avoid another calamity in future," he said.




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