Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Russia proposed to insert mandatory marking of products


IllustrationIllustration -  According to the newspaper Vedomosti, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade sent a letter to the government of the Russian Federation with a list of goods that may be subject to mandatory labeling.

Now the list includes not only perfume, tires, blouses, coats, household chemicals and bed linen, but also food. 

The agency offers to label children's food, rice, pasta, canned goods, dairy products, tea, coffee, juices, beer, mineral water, as well as meat and fish.

The listed products represent the broadest demand. But the government has no final decision on this issue at the moment.

Such an order to prepare the list at the end of January was given by the first vice-premier of the country Igor Shuvalov.

Now in Russia there is a marking of fur products with RFID-tags. Also launched a pilot project for labeling drugs. Also from January 15, digital codes began to be used as experiments for a number of tobacco products.

It is expected that since 2024 in Russia there will be a unified system for marking goods. Its operator can become the Center for Advanced Technology Development.

Marking is the main mechanism for transferring mandatory information about a product.

In March, it became known that the government was working on the issue of marking beer, cider and mead. Their proposals the profile departments should formulate until April 26.


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