Friday, 22 Feb 2019

The cover on the front disc brake on MotoGP, why?


Cover on Brake discCover on Brake disc - Second event series Motogp which took place on early this morning, April 8th 2018 in Argentina finally be done. Previously delayed due to the confusing weather between rain and dry.

In that weather, not only the tire should be concerned, but the mechanics also look at the braking determinants, the discs. The attached disc is wrapped by a mechanic using a cover.

The main reason for attaching this cover is to get the optimal temperature on the disc to work optimally. If the outside temperature is too cold, the brake becomes difficult to get the optimal temperature. In effect, brake works becomes not maximal.

Therefore, the mechanics cover the disc area using a cover that is usually made of cover. Another goal is that discs are not directly exposed to cold air. Therefore, it can make the disc quickly cold and hard to get the optimal temperature.

In essence, this cover works for heating the disc to easily reach the optimal working temperature.


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