Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Rossi cursed Marquez over nudging incident


Marquez met Rossi after the raceMarquez met Rossi after the race - A nudging incident that happened between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi in the Argentine MotoGP series on Sunday, April 8th to made the owner of the motor number 46 furious and cursing.

Reportedly, The Doctor even said reluctantly nears to last season's world champion.

Known, the race that leaves four laps again, occurred nudge. Rossi who was in position six, got cut from Marquez from the inside and make him lose balance.

Marquez maneuver when overtaking Rossi did look very dangerous. Rossi even mentioned if Marquez maneuver was deliberately to look for trouble.

"Marquez should stay away from me and do not look at my face again" said Rossi.

"Marquez clearly approached me quickly on the track, he deliberately made problems with other racers" Rossi said.

"It's his strategy to find a way to put his foot in. He's destroying our sport" Rossi concluded.

Rossi's downfall in the last four laps made him felt comfortable finishing in 19th place. Marquez finished above Rossi in 18th after receiving a ride-through penalty as his bike broke down ahead of the start.


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