Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Saline liquid accidentally exchanged as formalin, and killed a beautiful woman in Russia


Ekaterina FedyaevaEkaterina Fedyaeva -  A woman patient in Rusia was dead tragically. Saline liquids which should be injected into the body of the patient was accidentaly exchanged with Formaldehyde, the material that usually used to preserves corpse.

The woman namely Ekaterina Fedyaeva, 27 years old, got formalin injection, that consisting of formaldehyde, on operation table. Actually she should have saline liquids, it is salt fisiologist that can be given to fulfill dehydration needs.

Ekaterina suffered pain which tormenting her and convulsion for two days, before at last comma, and dead.

She got treatment by using live supporting apparatus because she suffered multiorgan failures. Quoted from Mirror, the woman from Ulyanovsk at last could not be saved, and dead in a hospital in Moskow.

Ekaterina family accussed that docter did not give necessary help.  Her mother, Galina Baryshnikova stated that for as long as 14 hours after operation,heronly one daughter, live with formalin in her body.

Predicted, that there had hapened mal treatment and now the incident was being investigated.




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