Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Three celebrities from Indonesia spend tens of billion Rupiah only for surgery


Dinda SyarifDinda Syarif -  To being more beautiful, every woman always trying to do many things, ranging from diet or do many treatment at salon.

But not infrequently from them, choosing for plastic surgery.

And some of Indonesian celebrities also do the same things. By reason want to looks more stunning and perfect, the celebrities are willing to spend money to millir rupiah.

Here are three celebrities who perform the plastic surgery as reported by


1. Lucinta Luna
This celebrity is now being a byword, related for the transgender issue. Apparently, to looks more beautiful like now,  Lucinta Luna claimed that she spend up to IDR 1 billion.

That money was used to perform surgery in some parts of her  face like in the nose and cheeks.


2. Dinda Syarif
Dinda Syarif is one of the contestants of Miss International Queen 2018 in Pattaya, Thailand. 

Currently,  Dinda Syarif was attract of public attention because she looks more different from other transgender. She is unashamedly to admitted, that in the past, he was a man.

It turns out to made many changes on her body, Dinda spend a very fantastic price, its reached more than IDR 10 billion.



3. Solena Chaniago
A transgender named Solena Chaniago is an Indonesian actress who has been involved in two Hollywood movies. The 36-year-old woman played with Richard Gere and Wesley Snipes at 'The Brooklyn Finest'.

And to realize her dream of turning into a full woman, the transgender from Padang, West Sumatera  spent up to IDR 1 billion. She made sex changes and breast surgery in two countries. For the formation of the chest, Solena spent up to IDR 120 million and the rest, she use for changing her sex from male to female and also breast surgery.

Solena admitted, that she was willing to spend a lot of costs for maximum results.


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