Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A footage video shown six children jump from balcony to saved their life from a fire in New Jersey


The incidentThe incident -   A group of children managed to escape from a fire that occurred at a dance studio in Edgewater, New Jersey on Monday night, April 9, 2018 by jumping from the balcony.

The video that shown the terrible incident showed,  some from six girls trapped on the balcony when the fire began to devour the Edgewater building,  where the students practiced dance. 

The girls can be seen throwing their clothes and backpacks off the balcony as adults under the balcony trying to get the stairs and help them down.

A number of girls were seen walking on the balcony, with some able to reach the stairs and descend to a safe place.

Amazingly, no one was hurt in the incident. However, the entire building was rapidly devoured by a fire,  that not only devoured dance studios, but also a restaurant, health spa and car wash

Edgewater Mayor,  Michael McPartland told to reporters that he "happened to be at the end of the block when fire started and he ran into the streets to rescue the victims.

The mayor praised the business owners who were fighting to extinguish the fire and help bring a group of girls to safety, "We are very fortunate  tonight ... I tell you, it is one of the great things that I have ever seen. They helped the girls and the dance studio members evacuate from the second floor. It was kind of dramatic."

The Bergen County Sheriff's Office also applauded the courage of the citizens and wrote on Twitter: "Some heroic rescue was made by Edgewater Police and citizens in the first minute, a great job by some fire departments."

Firefighters can finally extinguish the fire. It remains unclear what caused the fire.



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