Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Beijing banned exports materials for weapons of mass destruction to North Korea


Beijing cityBeijing city -  China has banned for exports of materials and technologies that could be used to produce weapons of mass destruction to North Korea in order to meet the requirements of UN Security Council resolutions.

This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

The statement said that, to pursuant of Security Council resolution 2575, pursuant to Articles 16 and 18 of the Foreign Trade Law, it must ceases to export relevant dual-use materials and technologies,  not only weapons for mass destruction, but also the transport, as well as materials of dual use for conventional weapons to North Korea.

"The total list includes 32 materials and technologies with potential use in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, including particle and centrifugal accelerators," he said.

The resolution that adopted by the Security Council was developed by the United States and is an "answer" to subsequent missile tests from the DPRK. 

The document, in particular made limits about 90% from the export of processed products to North Korea.

At the end of December 2017, the US President,  Donald Trump has captured of China in support of oil supplies to North Korea, passing sanctions imposed.

A day earlier, on December 28, the South Korean newspaper, The Chosunilbo published an article that stated if Washington from October has identified at least 30 cases of pumping oil on the high seas with China's Tanker of DPRK. Beijing denies all charges.

Earlier,  it was reported that the UN Security Council Committee on DPRK has imposed new sanctions on a number of North Korean companies.


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