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Knowing more about symbols of Manchester


Bee Symbol on the street of ManchesterBee Symbol on the street of Manchester - In addition to football, tourists can learn about the symbols of Manchester City, the third largest city in the UK. From the Manchester emblem there are 3 animals that represent this city, namely horses, lions and ... bees!

If traveling to Manchester in England, you will see pictures of bees plastered in a number of public places. Bees have been an icon of Manchester for long time.

the worker bee better known as Manchester Bee has been a symbol of the hard work and diligence of Manchester citizens since 150 years ago. This symbol features a yellow bee with black stripes and a gray wing.

Manchester Bee became famous and widely installed in various places during the 1800s, during the industrial revolution. Quoted from the Manchester Evening News, in the 1800s Manchester was flooded with textile factories depicted as 'beehives', and the worker in this factory was like a skilled worker bee.

Since then, bee symbols have been widely used. In 1842, for example, bees appeared in the emblem of Manchester, then there is also in the logo of the University of Manchester. When the town hall opened in 1877, the bee symbol also decorated in the building.

Decades later, in 1912 the bee symbol was on display at Refuge Assurance, an ancient building that held the highest building title in Manchester for many years. The bees are mounted in the clock on the top of the tower.

As time goes by, Manchester Bee continues to be a popular icon of Manchester. Bee symbol not only appears on the walls of buildings and houses, but also benches, potted plants, garbage can, road poles, and so forth.


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