Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Regarding social media regulation, Indonesia will use Malaysia and Germany as references


RudiantaraRudiantara - Indonesia is still busy conducting rules to handle the circulation of hoax and hate speech spread in social media. Indonesia tries to use Malaysia and Germany as a reference to overcome these problems.

Minister of Communications and Informations (MenKomInfo), Rudiantara, revealed that his side has sent a special team to reviews the rules related to issues of hoax and hate speech on social media to Malaysia and Germany.

"My friends are studying in Malaysia and Germany, coordination with Malaysia and Germany has been established before" said Rudiantara, met at Nusantara Building 2 DPR RI, Jakarta, Wednesday, April 11th 2018.

The selection of the two countries, because, Malaysia has established legislation on handling hoax and hate speech issues in social media.

Through meetings with several parties, MenKomInfo team will ensure issues and aspects to consider in the preparation for regulation on fake news, hoax and hate speech on social media, as well as the protection of personal data.

Meanwhile, Germany has implemented law enforcement on January 1st, 2018 with a law known as NetzDG (Network Enforcement Law).

The enactment of specific legislation relating to the handling of negative contents also requires that the social media platform should remove negative contents within 24 hours. There is even a threat of fines for companies if caught allowing hate speech to spread.

"I do not want people in Indonesia use Facebook like in Myanmar, where Facebook used to spread the hoax about Rohingya" he said.


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