Monday, 25 Mar 2019

Russia and China will join in an effort to launch spacecraft to the Moon


The moonThe moon -  Russia and China have a plan will join in an effort to launch spacecraft to Earth satellites and to create a data center on the lunar project.

The state corporation named Roscosmos and China National Organization Space on Tokyo International Forum on Space Exploration (ISEF) signed an agreement of cooperation intentions in the field of exploration of the moon and outer space, to create the Data Center.

The head of the Federal Space Agency Igor Komarov and deputy head of the China National Space Administration Y Yanhua,  signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of the International Forum on Space Exploration in Tokyo, as reported by the Zvezda TV channel website.

The international team of experts does not rule out the possibility of cooperation in the implementation of the Russian mission to launch the orbital spacecraft of Luna-Resurs-1 device (Luna-26) in 2022. 

They also make a plan to implement of China's mission to land the spacecraft at the south pole of the Moon in 2023 .


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