Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Stardom, an all-females Japenese wrestling company


StardomStardom - When we think of wrestling, we are automatically reminded of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). WWE is the biggest and most famous wrestling company in the world. Many of the most popular and best fighters came from WWE, like The Rock, John Cena or Roman Reigns. If you think WWE is cool, then you may want to know about Stardom.

Stardom is a Japanese wrestling company. What makes it different from other wrestling company is that all the wrestlers are females. However, do not underestimate this company just because all the fighters are women. The fights in Stardom are just as intense as in WWE, even more so sometimes!

Established in 2010, Stardom is not so different from martial arts. It includes more kicks than grappling. There is not only single match in Stardom, but there is also tag team battle as well. If you want something hardcore, there is also death match in Stardom! Sometimes, the fights do not even only happened in the ring.

What is unique is that many Stardom wrestlers are former models. Some of Stardom fighters are also quite popular in the world, like Kairi Hojo, who is known as Kairi Sane in WWE. There is also Kana, who is known as Asuka in WWE.

However, the Stardom wrestler that you must know above all is probably Io Shirai. Many people consider Io Shirai as the strongest female wrestler in the world.


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