Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Wayang show holds to celebrate Isra Mi'raj in the office of the Minister of Home Affairs


Minister Tjahyo Kumolo handing over the puppet to Ki Suwijo TejoMinister Tjahyo Kumolo handing over the puppet to Ki Suwijo Tejo - Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) through the Directorate General of Social and Cultural Affairs Directorate of Economic and Social Resilience will hold a Wayang (leather puppet) on Friday, April 13th 2018, starting at 19:30 pm local time. This event is also at the same timeto  commemorate Isra Mi'raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the location is held in the office of Ministry of Home Affairs.

The event was filled with Peace prays for Indonesia accompanied by Asmaul Husna, giving donations to orphans, by Minister of Home Affairs Tjahyo Kumolo, handover of the charter to Dalang, Sinden, Pengerawit and Band followed by handover of puppet by the Minister of Home Affairs to Dalang Ki Sujiwo Tejo.

Director of Social and Cultural Economy Resilience of Kemendagri, Drs. Lutfi, TSM, M.Si said, "Wayang Kulit will hold this evening with a welcome speech by the Minister of Home Affairs attended by officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs and surrounding communities."

"This Wayang Kulit Performance is a form of Cultural Preservation as the unity of the Nation The messages conveyed in the play of " Samba Juwing Press Arjuna Wiwaha "are relevant to the ongoing democracy event in 2018, like Direct election in 2018 and  and Legislative Election and Presidential Election in 2019" Lutfi.

Lutfi also said that the wayang kulit show is actually one of the masterpieces of performing arts in Indonesia, especially Java.

He also said that this event will make wayang kulit very popular because the content of wayang kulit full of moral values ??in the society, nation and state.


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