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A man kills baby that he had with his daughter before suicide after the affair ended


Katie Pladl and BennettĀ  Katie Pladl and BennettĀ -  After married his biological daughter on July last years, a man who had a baby with his biological daughter is believed to have killed his infant, a seven-month-old boy (his child and also his grandson) in North Carolina.

Not only that, after killed that infant, he murdering his daughter (the mother of that infant) and her adoptive father with gun, before suicide.
Steven Pladl, 43, was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a car parked in Dover, New York, at 8.40am on Thursday and Katie Pladl 20-year-old, was found dead in Connecticut along with her adoptive father, 56-year-old Anthony Fusco.

The baby boy named Bennett was discovered dead at a home in Knightdale, North Carolina, where Steven and Katie lived there a few moths ago. They had together since September 2017. And Steven Pladl was said to be still living in the home on Earlston Court. 

Pladl is believed to have killed his son after picking him up from his mother's house in Cary on Wednesday night, April 11 2018. He then drove to New Milford, Connecticut, 600 miles away, and shot dead Katie and her adoptive dad as they sat in a pickup truck before suicide.

It is thought that Steven committed the murders because Katie had just broken up with him. 

Police who were called to the residence by Steven's mother asking to perform a welfare check at 9am.

"His wife broke up with him yesterday over the phone. He left the baby dead. He told me to call police. He said the house is empty and he said he left a key under the front mat. He said he had killed Katie and her father." Steven's mother saying in a 911 recording. 

Steven and Katie got together in 2017, after she decided to get in touch with her birth parents in June of 2016. 

Not long afterwards, Steven and Katie's biological mother, Alyssa, separated and Katie and Steven started their affair.  Katie gave birth a baby boy. They were arrested in January 2018 when Alyssa discovered heir incestuous marriage and reported it to police.   

Both were extradited to Henrico County, Virginia, to face charges of incest and adultery.

Katie was released from jail in late February after posting USD 12,000 secured bond. Under the conditions of her release, she was barred from making contact with Steven and required to live with her adoptive parents, who resided in New York. 





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