Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Toyota focuses on Avanza to compete with Small MPV Mitsubishi Xpander


ToyotaToyota - The appearance of Xpander seemed to put pressure on sales of Toyota Avanza. This can be seen from sales data from January to February 2018, Avanza whole sales reached 14,316 units, while Xpander slightly higher reached 14,479 units.

In the launch of the All New Toyota C-HR, on Tuesday, April 10th, Vice President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto said Avanza sales began to overtake by its main competitor, TAM until now has not planned to release the latest model Avanza again to boost sales.

"All models, not just Avanza, we always learn about what the market needs like .. Until now, our focus is still on the Avanza available now" said Henry.

"But we still have studies to see if there is a chance of a vehicle to be better received by the public" he continued.

Henry said the decrease in sales is the company's strategy. This is because the company since the end of 2017 and is focused on completing the latest Toyota Rush indent.

"Indeed there is a bit of adjustment because we are focusing on meeting the rising indent, which is three to four months, both of which are produced in the same place, so we focus on Rush first so that customers do not wait too long" Henry said.

In March 2018, sales of Toyota Rush whole sales typically exist in the 3.000-unit figure have risen to 5,000.

"For Avanza, because the demand is very much, in March yesterday we have raised it again to 7.097 units" said Henry


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