Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Samsung suspected cheating on the benchmark of their product


Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 - A federal judge in United States, named James Donato revealed that Samsung had misleaded consumers who purchased Galaxy S4, it is by mistakenly presentation the strength of computation available in that program..


“Consumers are misleaded regarding the strength of the cellphone” said Donato.

The statement were concluded from a impact action againsts Samsung which enlisted by Daniel Norcia in 2011.  That time Norcia registered a lawsuit against Samsung and accussed that the  Korean Company had lied and made consumers consider that Galaxy S4 far more fastest comparing to cellphone made by competitor.

At real, Norcia was also registered another case about available storage rests on the phone sold to consumers.  Even though, the case had not been continued, and only case now is regarding cheat on benchmark which is still going on until now.

As per Norcia accussation, Samsung  inserted a software that capable of detected when there are software Benchmark being used at Galaxy S4, where the software will indicate addition power resource  to cellphone when being in Benchmark.

This step was a cheat and of course the strength of  the addition computation will not appear in other than Benchmark application.

Samsung beforehand, had requested to remove that claim case to arbitration court, however this requisition was refused.


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