Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Many workers in Amazon were urinating in plastic bottles and decided to suicide because they feared being punished


AmazonAmazon - Working pressure sometime makes an employee feel frustrates. Hours working that never stop and the tasks that accumulate, sometimes makes an employee lose their morale, and its occured in Amazon warehouse.

In a poll of 100 workers of Amazon, its known that more than half said they suffered from depression and eight people said they'd thought about killing themselves. And its proves by an employee who are decided to suicide because of working conditions.

According to a survey that was carried out by Organise, which campaigns for employment unions in UK says, the workers of Amazon got deep pressure in their work.

Its revealed by James Bloodworth, who worket at a warehouse in Rugeley, Staffordshire. The Rugeley warehouse measures 700,000 sq ft and some of the 1,200 workers face a ten minute, quarter-of-a-mile walk to two toilets on the ground floor of the four-storey building. And the warehouse in Rugeley is like a prison with airport-style security ­scanners where workers are checked  in case they steal.

Bloodworth claimed that all staffs were peeing in bottles because they were scared of getting in trouble for taking toilet breaks, because their task must be finished on time.

Because, for workers who worked on the top floor, the closest toilets were down four flights of stairs. And if they taking toilet breaks, it will take times and off course, they getting in trouble.

He revealed workers were continually monitored for time wasting by supervisors and claimed the strictness was what caused the 'toilet bottle' system.

"People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being ­discipline and ­losing their jobs just because they needed the loo. Nearly three quarters of those polled said they were so frightened of missing productivity targets that they'd starve themselves of water so they wouldn't need the toilet." he said.

The staff surveyed anonymously by Organise also complained of being punished for being ill.

But related the survey that conduct by Organise, Amazon denies about the claims from they workers' stress in its warehouses.

"We are not convinced the 'staff polled' actually worked for us. Because until now, we haven't been provided with confirmation the people who completed the survey worked at Amazon," said spokesperson for Amazon.




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