Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

A Scottish marathon runner collapses just over a mile from the finish line


Callum HawkinsCallum Hawkins - A tragic incident occurred to a Scottish runner. Callum Hawkins, the 25-year-old man collapsed just over a mile from the finish line at the Commonwealth Games.

Before, Callum Hawkins was leading the men's marathon when he became collapsed in the 30C heat and fell in the last 1km of the race. 

He was two minutes ahead of Australia's Michael Shelley in the race on the Gold Coast when he tumbled to the floor, and he fail to got a gold medal win at that games.

After  collapsed, the Scottish athlete lay helpless on the ground waiting for medical staff and had to watch an Australian opponent, Michael Shelley run past him and claim gold.

Onlookers watched and took photos as the struggling athlete attempted to pull himself to his feet to continue the race, but failed. Hawkins fell to the ground just ahead of Sundale Bridge in Southport.

Viewers of the Commonwealth Games commented on the lack of help that was offered to the Scottish athlete. 

"It should be ashamed when Australian public and tourists deciding to film of Callum Hawkins on the floor instead of jumping over the barrier to try and help him, its very embarrassing," one person posted on Twitter.

CEO of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Mark Peters said the every assistance possible was being offered to Callum and Team Scotland.

"I was concerned about the behaviour of a small number of bystanders who chose to take images than to help him," he said. 



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