Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

One million Facebook accounts in Indonesia has leaked, this is the link to check it


Facebook IndonesiaFacebook Indonesia -  Its reported that Facebook will be temporarily closed in Indonesia on April 24, 2018. This is related with the case of data leakage of Facebook users around the world.

It is estimated, as many as 87 million data users of Facebook users has leaked and used for political consulting firm in London, Cambridge Analytica.

Even,  since Monday, on April 9, 2018, Facebook began to send notices to users about the break-in of the data. Facebook got the spotlight after data of more than 87 million users, including 1.1 million users in Indonesia, can accessible by Cambridge Analytica.

The social media company reveals the way to know that your data has leaked or not.

The users will be shown the applications that they used. If this notification has not been received, the user can login to Facebook and visit this link.

Through the link, Facebook will tell whether your data is used by Cambridge Analytica or not.

One of Facebook's vice presidents, Ime Archibong, said Cubeyou's apps would be banned on Facebook,  if they were not willing to be audited or did not pass the investigation from Facebook.

The US media, CNBC, suspects of Cubeyou taking unauthorized user data through the 'You Are What You Like' quiz app.

But, the allegations was denied by Cubeyou and they said from the beginning, they obey the rules of Facebook.




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