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Residents of Portugal are willing to stand in line to tried culinary from Indonesia


The Encontro Intercultural de Saberes e Sabores The Encontro Intercultural de Saberes e Sabores -   The Indonesian cuisine has always been a special attraction for foreigners, for example people from Portugal.

From the history records, the Portuguese were the first European nation that enter to the archipelago (Indonesia) through Malacca in an effort to control the source and spice path in the 16th century.

This is makes the spices from the East also enrich the culinary of Portugal, one of them from Indonesia. Inevitably, this is makes many Portuguese citizens love many cuisine from Indonesia.

This is visible from the Portuguese queue at the Indonesian stand at the Encontro Intercultural de Saberes e Sabores in Seixal, about 24 km south of Lisbon on Friday 13 April 2018. The Encontro Intercultural de Event Saberes e Sabores was participated by ten countries namely Angola, Cape Verde, Cuba, Spain, India, Mozambique, Peru, Portugal, Sao Tome & Principe, and Indonesia. And the theme for that event was features cultural, handicrafts and culinary from many countries that participating in that event.

The residents are willing to stand in line to be able to taste rendang, chicken satay, fried rice, fried noodles, rawon, and snack which is the original food from Indonesia.

The residents of Portugal also expressed their admiration for Indonesian cuisine, especially for the combination of spices and materials processing techniques that considered as the main key flavor in food.

The ambassador of Republic of Indonesia for Portugal, Ibnu Wahyutomo as quoted from said, the participation of Indonesia is a step to introduce Indonesia to the community in Seixal and Portugal.

And the enthusiastic citizens of Portugal, its seen from the crowded visitors who come to the Indonesian cuisine stand.

"During the two nights of the Encontro Intercultural de Saberes e Sabores, Indonesian cuisine was enjoyed by 593 visitors," said Ibnu.


The intercultural meeting that held in Seixal was conducted for two days. In addition to introduce many cuisines from the archipelago, Indonesia's representative also features the Dance of Klana Topeng and Piring Dance.




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