Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A Chinese airplane was hijacked and a stewardess was taken hostage


Hikajacker taken hostage a stewardessHikajacker taken hostage a stewardess - A man tried to hijack a Chinese airplane by taking a stewardess as a hostage. This incident happened at Sunday morning, April 15th 2018. The man kidnapped the stewardess during the flight from Changsa, Hunan Province, to Beijing.

News agency Xinhua reported that the man abducted the stewardess and took her as a hostage inside the cabin while pointing a paper knife to her, a few minutes after the plane took off. According to Chinese Domestic Flight Administration or CAAC, the plane, with flight number CA1350, never reached Beijing and was forced to land on an airport in Zhengshou area in Henan Province, Central China. CAAC did not tell the reason of the hijacking.

In the video recorded during the incident, it is shown the time when the hijacker held the stewardess at one corner of the cabin. The hijacker strangled the stewardess while pointing the knife onto her neck. The police still tried to rescue the passengers and the crew. They claimed to have found out the man’s identity. His name is Xu, 41 years old, and came from Anhua area in Hunan. His record shows that he had history of mental instability and psychological disorder.


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