Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Sloppy Using of Hand Dryer, Hands will even Getting More Bacteria.


IllustrationIllustration - When you want to dry your hand in a public toilet, usually using tissue or hand dryer? If the answer is hand dryer, it is better starting now to avoid doing that, because a study found that the hands even become more dirty.

Published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology Journal, the experts from Connecticut University had found out that people using hand dryer, their hands full of bacteria. This because that the wind that blown by blower, besides of drying hands was also spreading bacteria.

Sample of 36 hand dryers in campus toilet shown that only need around  30 seconds time so that pot for being contaminated by 18 to 60 kinds of bacteria colony. One of those was that known as coming from feces.

“This results shown that several kinds of bacteria, including that potentially become patogen and spora could be accumulated on hands that exposed to hand dryer” said the observer and quoted from Fox News, Sunday, April 15th 2018.

Whether hand dryer become nest or  place of bacteria or it only blowing out bacteria that existed in the room into the hands, had not yet known by the observer.

Then, when next time you are in a public toilet, it is suggest that you are not using any hand dryer.


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